Exciting Gnome 42: This Is How Fedora 36 Will Look

Gnome 42 is one of the most widely used and popular Desktop Environments to grace the world of Linux. Coming in hot with Libadwaita and GTK4, Gnome 42 stands out with a few cool new features, updated icons, and a brand new dark theme that looks amazing in my opinion. You can install Gnome Nightly to check out the latest features today.

Check it out at the link below:

Check out the video made by The Linux Experiment discussing changes to Gnome Theming:


Mouse click sound and Bronzebell sound licensed under Creative Commons Attribution License (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/)

Whoosh sound provided by Fesliyanstudios (https://www.fesliyanstudios.com)Subscribe and Notification animation provided by Mixkit (https://mixkit.co/)


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20 thoughts on “Exciting Gnome 42: This Is How Fedora 36 Will Look

  1. Hey, fantastic video, Gnome 42 is shaping up to be really good. Also wanted to say the video is really high quality and your voice is very good to listen to. You definitely deserve more subscribers! Checking out the other videos as well

  2. It seems not so fluent,does it have higer hardware requirements than ubuntu? I'm using ubuntu 20.04,and my CPU is i7-10700
    It works well but I still think it could be better if I use CPU with better integrated graphic card like amd 5700g

  3. Man, between plasma 5.24 and Gnome 42 Linux is actually starting to look and feel pretty decent. Nice to see them coming with baked in functionality that MacOS has had for over 20 years. Will also save me from having to install a few extra extensions.

  4. Wow go gnome. Replaced a few apps I use for screen recording and themes already. I actually really like the adwaita theme so I don’t really have any digs about themes for the most part.

  5. Man just test it out, one of the problems that i had with gedit when i put it in dark mode was that i wrote something and the color of the text was so light that it wasn't posible to see what was written in it. In other words when you put it on dark mode you just type something and it was hard to read it becase the color of the text. And you didn't type anything in the text editor to see if was posible to read it in the dark mode.

  6. Yeah! Top bar ugly left/right curve is fixed 😀
    New UI elements looks good!
    Nautilus top panel finally look good again! <3
    Currently waiting for show week number in top calendar menu by default 😀

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