Everyone is Awesome – a long awaited Lego rainbow, bring it!

Finally! Lego has loudly and proudly released a brilliant set in celebration of Pride Month, inclusivity and acceptance, all wrapped up in a gorgeous rainbow monochrome display piece. Even if you have a problem with Lego sending a message of positivity and kindness to minority groups who have been discriminated against since time immemorial, this set offers a much sought after set of monochrome minifigures and new hairpiece colours. Plus it’s a rainbow! My only issue with this set is that it doesn’t include a minidoll 😉.

Construct your own tribute to positivity and kindness with this LEGO® Everyone is Awesome (40516) building kit. Presented in a spectrum of colors, this buildable display includes 11 monochrome minifigures against a rainbow backdrop. Each minifigure features its own color scheme with matching hairpiece, showcasing the diversity we see in the world around us. Display your model with pride to show that although we are all different, we join together in a celebration of inclusivity and love.
A buildable display of 11 monochrome LEGO® minifigures, each with its own color and hairstyle, against a background of corresponding rainbow stripes.

Hi! If you’ve just dropped by, I’m Ellie! Stick around and I’ll build for you while I review new sets. I tend to geek out about new pieces, interesting building techniques, giggle too much and just generally ramble. I’m easily distracted so I get stuff wrong which I fix up, mostly, but in the end there is always an awesome model ready for play and display. Huzzah for Lego, the building and creating tool for anybody, no matter what age you are!

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39 thoughts on “Everyone is Awesome – a long awaited Lego rainbow, bring it!

  1. Make Candyland Lego I think you should do that that would be really cool and you can use that the rainbow as your little river that would be very cool

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