Dual boot Windows 10 & Fedora Linux on Acer laptop w/ UEFI

installing Fedora 22 to run on the same machine as a Windows 10. You’ll have the option which O/S to boot into.

In this example I used an inexpensive Acer Aspire E 15 (ES1-512-C12D). Fedora runs faster than Windows 10 and Fedora is significantly less creepy than Windows, IMHO.


22 thoughts on “Dual boot Windows 10 & Fedora Linux on Acer laptop w/ UEFI

  1. Thank you so much, couldn't have done it without you. Just frustrating to have to go through all the Microsoft cruft just to get to the 'boot from USB' option – the latest machines don't seem to let you bypass Windows boot on first poweron…? Anyway, spot on instructions, thanks so much.

  2. I had install just ubuntu based linux in my acer aspire e15 but that systems dont shoot down my pc. Did that happened with red hat distributions or not. Please give your opinion.

  3. please my fedora Linux keeps freezing few minutes after coming up its really annoying and also im not sure it connects via wireless internet because i can't seem to make it work

  4. Please would love if you can help me on this. I have dell inspiron 17r which is 1tb hdd and 8gig ram. I tried to dual boot windows 8.1 and fedora 22 but after installation the fedora is not booting in. After feeling the fedora ballon it brings a somewhat black screen and stop there, not booting in. Now it has boot in but after like hard power off like ten times and Im scared of turning it off because it takes like ten attempt before it boot completely and even that one time in ten attemp takes mostly up to 5 minute before it loads completely.

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