Do You Really NEED A Steam Deck? (Of Course You Do)

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24 thoughts on “Do You Really NEED A Steam Deck? (Of Course You Do)

  1. ah yes, the switch, a "console" which has worse hardware than a 10 year old smartphone.
    switch people calling themselves "gamers" are cringe like the "smartphone gamers".

  2. So, you're telling my to get a used switch specifically from 2018, buy an rcm jig, put android onto a micro SD card, run that, stream the desktop onto the switch which is running on android, be forced to deal with the beloved joycon drift, and do that EVERY TIME I WANT TO DO THIS I TURN THE SWITCH, Instead of just buying a steam deck? No thanks lol.

  3. Hmmm, for 50 more dollars I can get a device with 4 times the power of a switch that can emulate every single nintendo game and also stream games, and also play AAA games, and is also a full gaming PC that can run windows and use any USB C dock to add devices…

    Or buy a device that I cant even watch movies ( from my sd card ), I cant surf the web, no bluetooth audio, no emulation, no windows….

    I already have a switch, and I love it. I play assasins creed games, Diablo 3, skyrim and a few fun nintendo games on it, mostly docked….

    I only bought the switch for one reason…. because steam deck didnt exist yet… if steam deck came first… the switch would be a hard sell for many and a hard no from me!

  4. Daddy steam deck is going to offer me higher quality games on the GO! tbh i love the switch but the switch got old. For example, the switch came out in 2017, Nintendo should've have BEEN added an ethernet port to the switch console. They should've known then that hardcore gamers don't play via wifi. That doesn't count the nintendo doesn't feel personal. No custom wallpapers, etc. but with the deck, I can play gta 5, batman, tomb raider, Resident evil remake on the go & almost every other console with emulators AND it's a PC, so it's a portable laptop as well. I've loved handhelds since psp but tbh daddy steam deck is what EVERY true handheld fan has always wanted and you get affordable gaming. Not counting i can play on my tv if i wanted. I'm sorry dude I'm selling my switch for daddy steam. Doing CFW on the switch is simply not easy, you can't play ANY game, and knowing Nintendo at least 2 people will be arrested lol

  5. I have one of those OG Switches before Nintendo revised the hardware. I knew the modding community existed for them but I would never bother doing it myself, I don't care to run anything but Nintendo games on my Switch. The takeaway I got from this video was that you're willing to go through the trouble to jailbreak a Nintendo Switch (continually every time you want to use it for the jailbreak) but a Steam Deck (which will be open) and much more powerful than the Switch is too much trouble to deal with? There are other modders that are salivating at the Steam Deck with talks of this being an everything portable, emulation of the old stuff all the way up to Switch emulation.

  6. the question is more like do you really need a switch once you get that steam deck? Even if you mod your switch it will hit hardware limitation much faster than with steam deck.

  7. Lol this was funny so this is a why you need the steam deck video right?? Switch hacking is fun as hell…android is not these hacks are not daily drivers……now Switch games God I miss free games but I'm waiting on my deck to play Switch games and more….yes I pre-ordered and I need it!!!

  8. I was never a fan of mobile gaming with games which weren't meant to be played mobile. It just feels wrong to play something on a tiny screen when it really belongs to a big screen. And yeah, that's a me-problem.

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