Different Types of Virtualization

In this video I discuss different forms of virtualization (mostly type 1, type 2 hypervisors and containers)

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42 thoughts on “Different Types of Virtualization

  1. im a noob but ive googled it and could not find much, Can you explain to me what hypervisor type or level my motherboard has? I do have a old i5 3rd gen vpro elitebook and in bios there is a opion called HP hypervisor, and the motherboard suports intel amt too. Can you talk about that?

  2. kvm is actually for type-1 virtual machines. Installing it effectively turns the "host" operating system into a type-1 hypervisor, since all hypervisors do need basic OS features. The difference is that you still have complete access to the underlying components since they are just a linux OS, so you can trat it as if it is a type-2 virtualizer if you want to.

  3. The Problem about the docker is not virtualization is the definition of virtualization.
    Containers or jails as they were called in the old days are a completly different way of doing things then the classical i will run a Computer in a computer. It's more like I run an OS inside an OS or arguably i run a Userspace inside a Userspace.

    With that point of view of virtualization one could argue, that a real bare metal hypervisor is just 2 Computers running on the same Hardware and not virtualization. And the only true virtualization is Type two Hypervisors.

  4. PCI-e passthrough is a pain to deal with sometimes, but whenever it works it's amazing. I tried to pass a quad gigabit nic from Proxmox to a VM, but the card was on the same IOMMU group as the internal NIC so it passed in both and I lost access to the Proxmox web gui, later I found out that it's impossible to seperate them because of the electrical wiring on the motherboard itself. Fun times.

  5. So, I feel the need to be pedantic. VirtualBox's BIOS is GPLv2, and easily visible in the source tree, in src/VBox/Devices/PC/BIOS (for BIOS) or src/VBox/Devices/EFI/Firmware (for EFI).

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