Debian 11, Audacity Saga Continues, WordPress, CentOS, Netflix Gaming? | This Week in Linux 161

On this episode of This Week in Linux, we check out some Distro News about Debian 11 Bullseye, CentOS Hyperscale, Nest With Fedora and Kaisen Linux. Then we’ll revisit the Audacity Saga as it continues. Later in the show, we’ll take a look at Adobe’s announcement about joining the Blender Development Fund and Netflix may be getting into Video Game streaming service. Then in App News, we’ve got new releases from Handbrake, WordPress, CudaText, and Nativefier. All that and so much more coming up on episode 161 of This Week in Linux, recorded live on July 24, 2021. Your Weekly Source for Linux GNews!

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00:00 = Welcome to TWIL 161
01:29 = Debian 11.0 Bullseye Release Date
02:35 = CentOS Hyperscale Experimental LiveISOs
04:50 = Adobe Joins Blender Development Fund
08:08 = Digital Ocean: Managed MongoDB ( )
09:24 = Audacity Saga Continues
19:25 = Netflix Getting Into Video Games?
21:10 = Nest With Fedora on August 5-7
22:20 = Firewalld 1.0 Released
24:07 = Bitwarden Password Manager ( )
26:32 = Kaisen Linux 1.7 Released
27:29 = Handbrake 1.4.0 Released
29:33 = CudaText: Open Source SublimeText Alternative
32:08 = Nativefier 45.0 Released
33:47 = WordPress 5.8 Released
37:37 = Outro


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14 thoughts on “Debian 11, Audacity Saga Continues, WordPress, CentOS, Netflix Gaming? | This Week in Linux 161

  1. on here or elsewhere … I am interested in learning more about different things related to managing firewall and stuff like that on Linux

  2. I mean i still think things seem fishy/funny @ audacity …… i mean i get the "if the courts force us to give it over, we have to" … but A) why collect it in the first place …. B) again i think i posted this twice on prior videos ….. what could law enforcement want with the info of my Audacity usage? … I mean it COULD be "copy and paste" phrasing …… (devil's advocate here) but this new group who own an OLD, well known project like Audacity … just keeps "stepping in it" with whatever they do. I have removed Audacity here and I was already a fan of OcenAudio ( ) … I am totally for taking a look at any big fork of Audacity when it's ready

  3. VSCodium(VS Code fork) also has a lot of features that Sublime has and its been around for quite a while. I've been using it for awhile and it's relatively decent.

  4. One thing that I like to mention. Audacity is used by a lot of independent music artists and producers. Audacity trying to push all of these telemetry / privacy concerns into their TOS… it's not going to end well for use and download of their application. I really hope for those music creators that need an application like this, there will be a great matained fork of it that people can continue to create and use without the worry of their information being used and sold.

  5. So I spent a better part of a hour trying to figure out how to install this CudaText on my Linux. The website or GitHub has no installation instructions.
    I use arch and the one in the Aur is out of date. Downloaded some Tar file and no instructions either.
    So CudaText is a bust! I keep SublimeText…

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