CHERRIES Webinar Series: Shaping Responsible Healthcare Systems in Europe – Murcia

About the webinar:
Ecosystem approach can be successfully used for creating new digital health solutions in Europe. Concrete collaboration between healthcare stakeholders and IT companies, for developing new innovative digital solutions, is a win-win-win process. Companies get privileged access to relevant end-users in order to fully understand their problems and needs. The healthcare stakeholders actively participate in the systematic co-development of need-based innovative solutions that improve their daily work, patient care processes and services. Within the framework of CHERRIES, a solution focused on “Early detection of progression in Multiple Sclerosis” is being developed. In order to guarantee that the developed solution is aligned with the values, needs and expectations of the society, CHERRIES foster the engagement of societal actors, professionals and patients, therefore the development of the solution includes interactions with all the actors (healthcare, professionals and patients) including mainly those involved in the definition of the need: EMACC the Association for Multiple Sclerosis of Cartagena, the Biomedical Engineering group from the Polytechnic University of Cartagena and the Neurology Service of Cartagena Hospital.

Gorka Sánchez (Innovation Director at SMS)
Adrian Zittelli Ferrari (Director of EU affairs at Murcia Regional Government)
Laure RASO (EU Project Manager at EUIBIC CEEIM)
Dr. Nick Guldemond PhD DSc (med), Leiden University Medical Center – No transformation without co-creation: how user and stakeholder involvement is essential for system improvements in health and social care
Stefan Philipp (ZSI) – Project Coordinator

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