Check out what's new in Ubuntu Kylin 22.04.1 LTS

In This Video We Are Looking At Following a one week delay due to a last minute blocker bug being discovered, Canonical today has shipped Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS as the first point release to this current long-term support series.

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Check out what’s new in Ubuntu Kylin 22.04.1 LTS

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Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS bundles up all the current SRUs (stable release updates) with the packages pushed out since the April release of the Jammy Jellyfish. Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS thus out-of-the-box is mitigated against Retbleed, there are various Dell XPS Alder Lake fixes, Intel AMX support back-ported to their various kernel flavors, RISC-V StarFive VisionFive support, and a variety of bug/security fixes as noted in that earlier article.

There is no new hardware enablement (HWE) stack for a newer kernel and Mesa with Ubuntu 22.04.1 but those HWE offerings come in the later point releases.

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Todays Video – Ubuntu Kylin 22.04.1 LTS Released!

2 thoughts on “Check out what's new in Ubuntu Kylin 22.04.1 LTS

  1. Updated yesterday. The good & the bad. First the bad. Delays in typing, web pages, not stable. DuckDuck seems a bit more stable than Firefox, not as good as it was previously. As I was typing, it went full on erratic. Now the good. Videos working on Firefox pages, they wouldn’t previously. Google Earth, working much better. Twitter videos now playable. Just the two problems previously mentioned. Which are annoyingly big. Need another update, to sort it out. I had a stable time yesterday for a short while, was impressed. Ubuntu is the only operating system on this pc. Your opinion please? Or some advice. Thank you.

  2. I'm big fan of ur work. I jst had querry i had a 8GB ram & 256GB SSD machine. If i install that linix & try Davinchi for video editing its enough for that or i go with windows11????

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