Top 10 GNOME Customizations

Nordic Forest – Nord – Glassmorphism – Flat Remix Theme – Everforest Theme – Fluent Theme – Dracula Lite – Dracula Full – … Read More

Archman! A Linux-based Operating System for Programmers

In This Video We Are Looking At Archman GNU/Linux is available as a fast, visual, stable and easy distribution. ‘s Xfce and I3WM 2022.07.02 release has been announced by tulliana. … Read More

Xerolinux – The ultimate linux distribution

In This Video We Are Looking At This is XeroLinux 2022-06-24 – an Arch-based Distro with KDE Plasma. It started as a personal project for myself, that has quickly grown … Read More

EndeavourOS 22.6 Artemis | Installation & First Look

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Coronga Live S3 EP22: Vamos jogar um TF2!! Aww Yeaa Live!!

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