Careers In Open Source | Destination Linux 238

This week’s episode of Destination Linux, we have an interview with Vojtech Pavlik, Vice President of the Linux Systems Group at SUSE. We’re going to discuss job opportunities and things you can do to prepare yourself for a new career with an open-source company. Then we’re going to cover AMD’s and Valve’s latest endeavor to further improve Linux. Plus we’ve also got our famous tips, tricks and software picks. All of this and so much more this week on Destination Linux. So whether you’re brand new to Linux and open source or a guru of sudo. This is the podcast for you.

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238: Careers In Open Source | Destination Linux

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Vojtech Pavlik of SUSE

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Full Show Notes (for links and such)

238: Careers In Open Source | Destination Linux

00:00 = Welcome to DL 238
00:43 = Announcement: DLN MEGAFest on Sunday August 22nd
01:23 = Community Feedback: Right to Repair and Ryan’s Secret Tip on Finding Cheap Computers
05:52 = Send Us An Email or Join the Forum
06:13 = Digital Ocean: Managed MongoDB ( )
07:40 = Interview with Vojtech Pavlik of SUSE
42:50 = Bitwarden Password Manager ( )
44:30 = Valve & AMD Tag Team CPU Scaling Performance on Linux
48:33 = Linux Gaming: Tyran RPG & Linux 1% Marketshare on Steam
53:07 = Software Spotlight: Tux Paint
55:04 = Tip of the Week: how to manage your installed kernels
57:34 = Outro

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7 thoughts on “Careers In Open Source | Destination Linux 238

  1. I hope Framework, if it already doesn't, starts a program for re-cycling broken hardware or hardware replaced for an upgrade. The latter should be refurbished and sold as a refurbished part. You buy a new motherboard or screen but decide to not keep the old motherboard or screen then you can return it to Framework using the same box the new part came in.

  2. AMD isn't always plug and play. If you start with a minimum install, you may still need to install things. In debian that would be amd64-microcode, firmware-amd-graphics, and xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu (at least for my setup). Without the firmware my laptops HDMI out doesn't work, although it's LCD does.

  3. I actually moved my mom onto linux for a period of time. Windows with it's windows zero wireless driver would forget that it had a wifi interface if the signal dropped below 34%. But linux didn't have that issue. Linux + network == win… Windows + where am I == fail.

  4. Is my 2003 Pentium 4 HT with 2GB DDR and 1.21TB in 4 HDDs (2 IDE 3.5" and 2 SATA 2.5") E-waist or a museum piece?
    Is its original Compaq Evo Tower with Windows 98SE stickers valid T-waist or a valuable museum piece?
    There is no 32-bits Linux support, so I use FreeBSD 13.0 on OpenZFS 2.0. This modern system is used for 1 hour/week for one of my 2 backups.

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