Calculator port to GTK4 | GNOME 42

one of the most used apps by everyone is now on GTK4! #GNOME #GTK4 #Calculator

you can install and use it already in any GNOME version from the Nightly Flatpak:

BG Music from “Takt Op. Destiny”

38 thoughts on “Calculator port to GTK4 | GNOME 42

  1. these days i have lots of free time and a large todo video list ..but i dont stay at home at all, so i cant do anything good;
    wish me to get covid and stay 2 weeks in :p

    PS i so hate YouTube hides the dislikes ..what a terrible idea..

  2. I'd soon get annoyed by the menus jumping away from the mouse cursor. It reminds me of my early days in Linux: you would drag your mouse down and left to the Start Menu button, click it, and have your mouse repositioned at the top of the programs menu. So you then have to drag it down again to click the thing you want, but since you're already as far down your desk as you comfortably can be, you have to lift your mouse and reposition it.

    These menus are the same annoyance, but from the other direction.

  3. Hateful comment packaged in an unordered list:

    – Right click menu item padding increase just because of rounded-corner-gang
    – Right click sub-menu requires an extra click just because ff does it too
    – Right click sub-menu replaces parent menu position

    These are UX anti-patterns, This is war

  4. Eh. I prefer the old one. I like the red color on the delete button – makes it easier to spot even if I do use the numpad anyways. The undo button being an actual button also looks better for me. The new undo button looks like it's the window's title. Also, bringing up Dolphin again? How insecure does GTK4 fans are? Well, whatever, I'll just enjoy my superior Global Menu workflow.

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