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45 thoughts on “*ARSENAL HOW TO GET DRIPPY BRICKBATTLE!* (Roblox Arsenal)

  1. I already knew about this, but I forgot as I didnt do it or didnt talk in a long time.
    Nafi asked me if we could go into his vip to test something and this was it.

  2. I'm going to give a little explanation on why this happens.
    Please do note that this explanation will be from my personal experience as a builder, so I'm not 100% certain on how this happened.

    So basically, whenever you go into a game, your accessories are these individual instances, that will be grouped into your character (you can see this by opening up the explorer tab while playtesting in roblox studio.)

    From what I'm guessing, the map's creator (AzireBlox) put his avatar into the map, without taking any of the handles out of the accessory instances, so when touching it, your character will then wear it.

    Something else, "handles" are stuff used for accessories, tools, etc. For accessories, they contain the "mesh" (which is the model) of the accessory itself, then, it can be put into an accessory "instance" (not sure what to call it) to function as an actual accessory (once again, this can be seen by opening the explorer tab in studio while playtesting.)

    The reason you cannot move while wearing any of the accessories is because the handles for the accessories are anchored.
    Anchoring a part (or anything which can be anchored) will keep the part (or, once again, anything that can be anchored) completely still. Anchoring parts, models, etc. is mainly used for building, but for an accessory to be worn properly, the handle needs to be unanchored, which in this case, it isn't.

    Hopefully this gave you (or anyone reading this) a good (yet nerdy) idea of how this worked, and I hope I explained this well.
    Once again, my explanation here is based off of personal experience from building, I'm not 100% sure if this is EXACTLY how this worked, but I do think it is highly likely.

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