Arch Linux VS Ubuntu: is there a best one?

Arch and Ubuntu (and their respective derivates) are probably the most popular distributions out there.
But is one of them better than the other? Let’s find out!

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36 thoughts on “Arch Linux VS Ubuntu: is there a best one?

  1. To be completely honest, I like using Ubuntu because of APT. If you install APT on arch, it will break the whole installation. Apt is where most of my packages that I use for coding, such as TCP kill, are located. I love practicing with these packages and testing them.

  2. Ubuntu vs ArchLinux …. WTF XD …. not same people target dude … ! … cat install file ! Yaourt … no … no … no -_- ! UBUNTU for server 0000000000000000/ … you .. are … definitely … not … a … sysadmin xD !!!!! NEXT time UBUNTU VS OPENBSD … xD

  3. I used to be a Ubuntu guy. Until they started selling info to Amazon for "convenience". I could installed a version of Ubuntu without it, but I wanted to try mint and now I'm using it.
    Arch is just requires too much setting up. I'm not that picky. Also I spend 95% of the time in a browser or IDE.

  4. You can use manjaro + aur and do the job, took me few steps to fully functional DE, I have used ubuntu since feisty fawn and take me much more steps to make DE how I wanted. I am very surprised with manjaro and aur.

  5. I am using Ubuntu and is working really great.I tried Arch to make just a test and I was deeply disappointed.Command are running slower and VERY hard to install.Ubuntu is still the best 🙂

  6. I might try Debian with xfce for my less technical friends and client's computers, but only if it's as stable as Manjero. There is suppose to be less updates on debian vs Manjero right? I don't want them to have to do updates as often. Thnx

  7. In 2018, Manjero is as easy to install and doesn't break aw easily as a vanilla Arch distro. So his main two negatives against arch are irrelavant if you use Manjero…It's #1 on distrowatch for a reason I guess or at least to me so far!

  8. I never use ubuntu or other distro beside Arch, to be honest.. Never interested in any other distro.
    Arch is the first one I use despite all the advice of "Arch is not beginner friendly" which is true.

  9. people complain about arch installation but u can have one installtion up and running in 20~30 minutes, easy. the part i dislike the most is formatting the disk so if i hv to do it ill use gparted before to prepare the disk and then start

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