Arch Linux vs Manjaro vs Garuda vs EndeavourOS – Speed Test!

Arch benchmarks and speed testing featuring; boot speed, video render, file transfers, and much more! What Arch Linux is the best? Does BLOAT slow ya down? Let’s find out…

00:00 – The Distros!
01:44 – Support TechHut!
02:14 – Boot and Reboot Tests
03:10 – Resource Usage
03:56 – App Launch and GIMP
04:27 – USB 2.0 File Transfer
05:01 – Kdenlive Video Render
05:45 – Synthetic Benchmarking
08:49 – Gaming Performance
09:17 – Kernel Upgrade
10:26 – So overall…

Full results:

Arch Linux vs Manjaro vs Garuda vs EndeavourOS – Speed Tests!

Distributions and info:
Arch Linux:
DE: Xfce 4.16 Kernel: 5.10-5.11
All software latest version as of April 1, 2021.

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26 thoughts on “Arch Linux vs Manjaro vs Garuda vs EndeavourOS – Speed Test!

  1. Nice video, glad to see Manjaro doing well. The only question I have with the timings is; Are these 1 off timed events or the average taken from a series of timed events?
    I only ask because a 1 off timing could be impacted by anything that randomly occured in the background, atleast doing an average take should remove any discrepancies that could occur

  2. Great job on the video. Not sure if I commented on your original Garuda video, but I have commented a bunch of times about Garuda (specifically Dr460nized) being an absolute pig and almost unusable even on high end bare metal.

  3. Many thanks to the video. Really on quite new hardware those differences are pretty much unnoticeable. Use what best fits you.

    Permit me to make a note though with the newbies in mind: It would be great to understand that both Arch, Fedora and Debian are not full featured home and small business Linux Distros for everyone to freely use out of the box (even though at least both Debian and Fedora are just facilitating many things on the final users installation part). And they aren't so for a reason: They are "plain vanilla" bases for others to build from, even though they might not advertise it officially at least. Fedora is a base for IBM RHEL. Debian is actually a base for Ubuntu and others, including it's used by Google internally. Arch is indeed another plain vanilla base advertised for itself and those computer enthusiasts… But they're actually seeing and sort of accepting other distros to enlarge their installation base. Those Distros need to be as "plain and simple" and at the same time as free and flexible as they can be to be used pretty much on every scenario you might think about. Don't count with them for the casual userland bells & whistles!…

    Speaking from a home and small business environment perspective there are IMHO only 2 distros that are actually top notch 5* system that will mostly work out of the box for any purpose: Linux Mint (where I was several years) and Manjaro Linux (where I'm now). If you are such a newbie whom wants to be an "eternal newbie" you will be pretty much very well served with either one of those. Garuda might to gain its traction on the gaming niche market though, if it matures enough… All the other distros out there are mostly server, IoT, or other specialty purposes alike, and/or they are small enough to give proper support for the users.

    Have a nice day!…

  4. Pretty much everything is within margin of error so it's all the same.
    In the end it's just a matter of liking to keep the system to a minimal (Arch) or liking the easy installation and customization of the other distros.

  5. I am running Manjaro KDE and I have just switched to Wayland – and that has made a difference. I have always given the Wayland session a try but rejected it pretty quickly since something major did not work, but not this time ! It seems smoother and more responsive (hard to measure though). I hear that the next XFCE might also be moving to Wayland, so that might bring some performance gains to everyone

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