Arch Linux on Windows

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12 thoughts on “Arch Linux on Windows

  1. looks interesting, even though i won't be using windows anyways but does this have this new feature where you can run (X)Wayland applications in windows seamlessly? also you might want to take a look into GPU passthrough for a windows vm on linux, it would also be great content.

  2. Cool I have been using Debian WSL because of some college apps that only run in Windows and didn't know about the arch one, will definitely switch to it.
    Thanks a lot!

  3. lmao, I did the complete opposite and finally got rid of dual boot and installed Windows under QEMU/KVM on Arch. And I am not joking, but it runs smoother inside a freaking VM than what it did on my hardware without any tweaks (even when it was the only OS), so I don't know what to say… Is it because it's not registered so a lot of garbage isn't activated cause the process count out of the box was also lower. Obviously, it's not for games and whatever requires a lot of processing and GPU power (though you can passthrough a GPU if you need that), but I don't need any of that to begin with. Just gotta use some proprietary garbage from Microsoft for some dumb reasons.

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