Arch Linux Install – The eznix Way – Updated & Tweaked

Arch Linux Install – The eznix Way – Updated & Tweaked

I updated and tweaked my Arch Linux install guides yet again, so another video was in order. I cleaned up the install guides and added steps for when to use wifi-menu and reflector to create an optimized mirrorlist file. I date coded the guides to make it easier to tell what version you may have downloaded and if it had changed since. Hope this helps people. 🙂

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26 thoughts on “Arch Linux Install – The eznix Way – Updated & Tweaked

  1. Thank you for this tutorial. I've been sequestered at home (with kids) for three weeks now and have been practicing Arch installs ever since. I've seen Distrotube, LearnLinux, EH, and others, but this video tutorial is just about perfect. You helped clear up some issues and doubts I was having during various (VM) installs, and even introduced me to some new and useful stuff. THANK YOU!

  2. Hello, excellent turorial. May I ask a clarification please? At the point where did you install grub, I get this error: "EFI variables are not supported on this system". So if I exit chroot and type modprobe efivars I get instead this error: "FATAL module efivars not found in directory /lib/modules/5.3.8-arch1-1". If I type "efivar –list" I get "function not implemented". Could you tell me please in which way I can get out of this trouble? Thaaaaaaaank you so much.

  3. I want to thank you for your videos. Happy New Year. I have a couple of comments on your guide. In the printing section the pyqt5-common is not found. I took it out and it continued. Also as a newish user I'm not sure if I made a mistake or what in the AUR setup. First I had to set write permissions and I was able to mkpkg sucessfully. But the next step "cd .. && rm -r yay" wanted me to confirm the removal of each file? I'm not sure what to do there. Thanks again for getting me out of my comfort zone and trying something different.

  4. I notice at the 49.41 time boot, you reboot the system, I have noticed on some other install Arch sites they recommend to go into the virtual box settings and delete the Iso location. I have tried to do this without this step and ended back to the start position.. Very annoying, also, at what stage of proceedings do you recommend installing virtual box guest additions? Thank you for a great tutorial.

  5. @eznix Great videos! Would it be possible to use the ArchLinux install in VirtualBox to install ArchLinux on a physical partition on a hard drive on the same computer? Doing so would get ArchLinux off of VirtualBox and physically on a hard drive to dual boot OS X and ArchLinux.

  6. I've watched many, many videos about this by many high subscription channels. All of them fell short of being complete and accurate. This one did not. Nice job mate. I'm definitely subscribing.

  7. Hi eznix, good video as always.

    Just a little tip: you can directly enable NetworkManager skipping dhcpcd in the chroot or later (it's not needed when NetworkManager.service is enabled).
    Also, you can enable a service and start it with one command, e.g. with NetworkManager:
    "systemctl enable –now NetworkManager" (you can omit the .service part too for every service in the system).

    Hope it helps you for future videos!

  8. @eznix Thanks you for such a understandable installation that is in plain english. I do look at the Arch Wiki but at times it is like reading Greek of French, make no sense to me at all… 😀
    (No offence to those that speak Greek of French)
    I am more of a Cinnamon fan, so I will investigate that ans see if that is a doable thing for me…
    BTW not going to make to Phoenix this month or this year. Medical issues… (:-(

  9. I've been running stuff on USB drives and SD cards.
    My machines won't support a VM so I use the flash drives so I can look at stuff and try different applications without worrying about breaking my main system.
    And I'm really surprised at how well they run on cheap flash drives. I can't tell the difference between them and a spinning drive.

  10. I agree that VirtualBox provides a standard of sorts, but many people like to know via real hardware if their Wifi dongle works (you can't in a VM as you have said) – and whilst their are many different makers, the chipsets are often quite narrow…. does Ubuntu work with the latest drivers for ac? You wouldn't be able to test if used in a VM…., also quite a few people have Nvidia or AMD/Radeon/Hybrid Graphics cards, and again you can't test this on a VM…. An initial look through, or short tutorial is fine in a VM, but a proper review, one where you have lived in it for a few days I think has to be on real hardware – where you can plug in all your peripherals…so you can have a more real world experience….

  11. Purism are planning a rolling distribution by forking Debian. I don't think it's possible. I think they should switch to Arch 🙂 Oh, have I mentioned that Purism are crooks and liars? I think I have.

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