Arch Linux ARM on an M1 Mac with Parallels Desktop

In this video, I am going to intstall Arch Linux ARM on a M1 MacBook Air with Parallels Desktop.

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14 thoughts on “Arch Linux ARM on an M1 Mac with Parallels Desktop

  1. Hi! what version of parallels are you using? Because i have a mac m1 and paralles desktop 16,5 and it doesnt work.
    is version 17 necessary?
    Thank you so much

  2. Interesting video, Ermanno. Thank you. I'm just sorta wondering out loud WHY anyone would want to do this? I've seen posts in various forums that you will lose at least some of the functionality of the Macbook/Air when installing the Linux kernel (irregardless of DE) to it. Now, I'm NOT a Mac user so I don't know, but I'd sure like to know why people would want to do this. I'm not trolling here, I'm just super curious. Thank you! 😃

  3. Never used macintosh with linux. Can someone explain more about this parallel desktop feature? So if i boot up the mac will there be a question to chose which operating system to run or arch will only run if i use parallel application?

  4. Hi Mr. Ermanno…hope you are in great health and spirit. I was inspired to get into Arch primarily because of you, LearnLinuxTV and DistroTube…its been a really pleasant experience ever since. Lots of thanks for your unending support to the Linux community in particular and Open Source initiative in general. I particularly like your way of making videos where it is 95% general instructions and just a little bit of personal choice. It leave a huge field for us to explore and choose from..yet have the instruction video relevant to whatever choice we make.

    Hope I am not asking too much…but would it be possible to do a new Artix installation using OpenRC? I am sure I can do it myself…but its informative to see your take in it. You don't have to show us any repeatations that you already covered before, just anything new and updated that we have to keep in mind.

  5. To swap or not to swap, that is the question. Does any of you think that it is useful to swap if you have 32 GB of RAM and don't do insane vidoe-editing or compiling?

  6. I would be very tempted to buy a Mac if I could run Linux natively with no issues. I know Asahi is trying to accomplish this but it would be nice if Apple made it somewhat official and added bootcamp back. They could also release documentation to help people create drivers for their silicon.

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