Aravialli os – The worst distro of 2021

This is a look at aravialli os, and before you all go mental 😀 there is some history behind this video that will only make sense if you watch it all.

This is a good example on what not to do, and a good lesson for new distro builders.

I recommend you all watching this video also, as they kinda goes hand in hand.
Eznix’s video:

Gaming YouTube:

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4 thoughts on “Aravialli os – The worst distro of 2021

  1. A lot of developers are surprisingly sensitive to criticism… I thought Linux users would be able to handle some honestly, advice that could lead to improvement, but some of them act like little girls who still need mommy and daddy to tell her she’s so beautiful and special. It’s sad when the actual girl has thicker skin

  2. Mate kick my pale ass if you want but im massively disagree with a statement that linux is maby 5% more secure then windows.
    Default user in in Win = admin. UAC in win is a joke. Windows userspace is welded in the system not separate lke on , Linux, BSD, or MacOS. Se linux (apparmore) and iptables, are fare more flexible and better security tools then, any security tools that are build in windows. THAT BEING SAD. Thing that makes Linux even less secure then windows is, a stupid user who think that he use some magical shield, which protect him/her from all the evil of viruses and microsoft just because he install Linux. But the only thing he is protected now from is a getting laid :).
    To make long story short we have better security tools in a system it self. Those tools have no meaning are irrelevant if they are unused. Bedside that, we are maby 2% of desktop users. And I think that 2% is fare more to generous if we are 1% its great

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