Apache Subversion SVN Server on Debian 10 on Azure

Quick deployment and ready-to-run version control system
Apache Subversion (SVN) Server on Debian 10
Apache Subversion is a full-featured version control system originally designed to be a better CVS. Subversion has expanded beyond since its original goal of replacing CVS, but its basic model, design, and interface remain heavily influenced by that goal.

CVS is a relatively basic version control system. For the most part, Subversion has matched or exceeded CVS’s feature set where those features continue to apply in Subversion’s particular design.

Apache Subversion Features:

Directories are versioned
Copying, deleting, and renaming are versioned
Free-form versioned metadata (“properties”)
Atomic commits
Branching and tagging are cheap (constant time) operations
Merge tracking
File locking
Symbolic links can be versioned
Executable flag is preserved
Apache network server option, with WebDAV/DeltaV protocol
Standalone server option (svnserve)
Parseable output
Localized messages
Interactive conflict resolution
Repository read-only mirroring
Write-through proxy over WebDAV
Natively client/server, layered library design with clean APIs
Binary files handled efficiently
Costs are proportional to change size, not data size
Bindings to programming languages
Powered by Tidal Media Inc. this Subversion Image enables globally distributed software development teams to efficiently version and share source code with low administrative overhead.

Install: https://azuremarketplace.microsoft.com/en-us/marketplace/apps/tidalmediainc.apache-subversion-server-debian?tab=Overview

Servers for Debian:
OTRS – Ticket Request System Server on Debian 10 – https://azuremarketplace.microsoft.com/en-us/marketplace/apps/tidalmediainc.otrs-server-debian?tab=Overview

Docker: Community Edition for CentOS 8.2 – https://azuremarketplace.microsoft.com/en-us/marketplace/apps/tidalmediainc.docker-community-edition-centos?tab=Overview

Arma3 – Combat Game Server on Ubuntu Server 18.04 – Arma3 – Combat Game Server on Ubuntu Server 18.04 – https://azuremarketplace.microsoft.com/en-us/marketplace/apps/tidalmediainc.arma3-game-server-ubuntu?tab=Overview

Contact us: http://tidalmediainc.com/contact-us/

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